[Retros] Math aspects of Retro from Yefim Treger 08/21/2004

Francois Labelle flab at EECS.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Aug 23 22:14:08 EDT 2004

Renny Bosch wrote:

> On my computer, his subsequent images came out just fine, but Francois

> Labelle's textual diagrams didn't.

Here are some different options to see my diagrams:

- Set your mail program to use a fixed-width font.

- Copy-and-paste the textual diagrams to a text editor and set the font to
be fixed-width.

- Read the message from the archives:

- Copy the FEN lines and view them in the program of your choice. For

* Xboard and WinBoard have the option "Paste Position" (you may have to
add a dummy " w - - 0 1" to a make it legal FEN). This has the benefit
over GIF that you can play some moves.

* The following website is meant to play chess endgames, but you can use
it to view a FEN position and play moves. If you only put the FEN diagram
it will assume " w - - 0 1" which is nice. http://chess.jaet.org/endings/

> Is there a standard of etiquette for showing positions on this board?

> On 21 Aug, Yefim Treger asked, "may I give chess positions in gif (jpeg,

> bmp) files. Is it OK?", but no one answered.

I can't speak for everybody. I'll just say that e-mail was originally
designed to send text, not images. As a result, the GIF positions posted
by Yefim Treger come out as junk in the archives:



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