[Retros] Simple example with castling from Yefim Treger 08/21/2004

TregerYefim at aol.com TregerYefim at aol.com
Sat Aug 21 20:59:38 EDT 2004

Thanks for answering. I got objections from sethb at panix.com but I
think that for many others will be more interesting to discuss more concrete
example of my idea.
Here is an example of a vulnerability in chess rules, concerning castling
and repetitions.

Here goes the game:
1.e4 e5 2.Qe2 Qe7 3.Qd1 Qd8 4.Ke2 Ke7 5.Ke1 Ke8 stop! Can White's player
require a draw referring to the rule of 3 times repetition? The pretending
position is after 1.e4 e5. It repeats itself after 3. …Qe8.
But there is no the third repetition after 5…Ke8 because of right to castle
is lost. Am I mistaken about such a rule in FIDE code: two positions are equal
if they have the same dynamic possibilities (to castle, en passant etc.) So, I
think these positions are different. (It is interesting to notice, that both
positions have the same set of direct moves. Can we point out where they are
located in graph of all positions if they have the same "in" and "out"
connected positions, but about this next time…).
I want to use this example (and similar one to be given next
time) to illustrate my math idea better. So, please confirm such a rule (or maybe
somebody knows how it is formulated exactly?)
Thanks, Yefim (tregeryefim at aol.com)
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