[Retros] Introduction to Proof Games

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 7 09:24:32 EST 2010

Dear retro-fans,

Gianni has translated the "intiations aux PJs" booklet,
and you can find it here:

Please report any error, bet it chess or English.

Also, i had ~400 downloads of the French version when i
gave the links for it in RML and in the "France Echecs"
forum for chess players, this is quite motivating.
Do you know of a English Chess Forum where i can advertise
the translated version?

Last, there exist some introduction to classical Retro
Analysis (one by André Hazebrouk, one by Dawson...).
Does someone own those? I would be glad to have a copy
if they are short enough (the aim being to make a
4 pages booklet).

Best regards,

Alain Brobecker (abrobecker at yahoo.com) |_ _ _ |_
http://abrobecker.free.fr/ |_)(_|(_|| ) of Arm's Tech

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