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Dear Alain (and dear Gianni),

this is a very nice introduction to proof games! It should perhaps be made available on the home page of the Retrograde Analysis Corner.

I have a few corrections and comments:

a) Below diagram 4, the stipulation should perhaps be given very exactly as "PG in exactly 4.0 moves" (because it is not a shortest proof game).

b) Above diagram 5, print "Schweizerische" instead of "Schwizerische".

c) Between diagram 7 and diagram 8: "occurs" instead of "occur"?

d) Between diagram 8 and diagram 9, the text may be misleading, because the Ceriani-Frolkin-theme is not necessarily connected with the Phoenix theme.

e) Between diagram 10 and diagram 11, the Valladao task is mentioned. There is some controversy whether this task requires an UNDER-promotion.

Best wishes,


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> Betreff: [Retros] Introduction to Proof Games

> Dear retro-fans,


> Gianni has translated the "intiations aux PJs" booklet,

> and you can find it here:

> http://abrobecker.free.fr/chess/IntroductionToPGs.pdf

> http://abrobecker.free.fr/chess/IntroductionToPGs_pages4123.pdf


> Please report any error, bet it chess or English.


> Also, i had ~400 downloads of the French version when i

> gave the links for it in RML and in the "France Echecs"

> forum for chess players, this is quite motivating.

> Do you know of a English Chess Forum where i can advertise

> the translated version?


> Last, there exist some introduction to classical Retro

> Analysis (one by André Hazebrouk, one by Dawson...).

> Does someone own those? I would be glad to have a copy

> if they are short enough (the aim being to make a

> 4 pages booklet).


> Best regards,

> Alain


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