[Retros] StrateGems 49 (Jan-Mar 2010)

Kevin Begley kevinjbegley at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 16:50:06 EST 2010

In retrospect (which would be a nice name for a problem journal!), I
think "variants" is the wrong word too, since it has a specific
meaning in ProofGames, which is completely different from my intended
usage here.

I might better have said "3 retro-variants."
I believe there is 1 solution, with 3 (unique) retro-variants... not 3
sols, not 3 vars.
I must have been trying to hint at this, but I should have just said it...
Or, perhaps I should not have said anything (since retro-variants are implied).

And, yes, for the record, I do mean there are retro-variants, within
an AP problem...

The point is somewhat technical, and I would prefer not to say too
much about it...
But, already, I have probably said too much :)


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