[Retros] HAP problems, new one and webpage

Bernd Gräfrath retromode at web.de
Mon Nov 26 04:03:19 EST 2007

Dear Alain,

thanks for your activities! Let's hope for a great future for Animal Chess.
There was one small typo (my fault!) in the solution of my third problem: It should be "4. cxb6e.p.+" instead of "4. cxb6 e.p."

Best wishes,


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> Dear Retro-fans,


> I created a stand-alone webpage, in English, for chess problems

> in Human/Animal/Pawn notation. You can find it here:


> http://abrobecker.free.fr/chess/hap.htm


> I added stalemate(+dead reckoning+50M, etc) symbol =, and decided

> to change castling to O (instead of HA) to avoid typing errors.

> Sorry for any inconvenience.


> Of course i added Bernd's very pleasant (and easy enough for me)

> problems (3rd one with e.p. is missing).

> I will include problems as they come, maybe make an article for

> Phénix if it's suitable.


> Last, i added the following C+ (not by Mario this time ;) problem:

> 5) Find the unique game written

> 1.P P 2.PxP HxP 3.H HxP 4.HxP HxA 5.AxP AxH 6.AxP HxH 7.AxP HxP

> 8.AxP+ HxA 9.HxH AxP 10.HxH AxP 11.HxA AxA+ 12.AxA AxH 13.AxP AxP

> 14.AxA AxP 15.AxH AxP 16.AxP+ HxA 17.HxA=


> I know it's a cheat ;-). Btw, does someone know the name of the original

> author of the problem? Solution on the webpage.


> Thank you to Mark Tilford for inventing it (HAP didn't really got

> unnoticed since Peter Fayers devoted an article to it, anyway it's

> a nice idea!), to Mario Richter for his computer testing and to Bernd

> for the originals.


> regards, Alain




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