[Retros] HAP animal conventions

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 26 07:55:30 EST 2007

Dear Retro Fans

> So I think that Alain can present both of my problems at his website.

I even added the 3rd! ;)

> However, Mario points out that Alain's conventions (see his e-mail of 20 Nov.

> 2007) are more specific than those mentioned by Peter, whom he quotes. I

> think there are good reasons to accept the additonal codes of "HA" for

> castling and "P=A" or "P=H" for promotions. The danger of cooks is more

> easily avoided, and then we can be more strict about the uniqueness of the

> solution (including the order of moves).

> It is more controversial whether e.p.-captures should be marked differently

> from the normal PxP, namely by P%P. And I am not sure whether Alain is in

> favour of the code "P=?", in addition to "P=A" and "P=H".

This are not really my conventions. I feel that if someone has a word
on it, it would be Mark Tilford. But the problems are quite pleasant
with the given conventions.

As for P=?, i intended P=H, P=A only. This gives a lot of information,
but it's in the spirit of the theme (always telling the types involved).

Changing castling to O is just for typographical reasons.
Any suggestions are welcome. Maybe you prefer the old HA notation?
Also the name. I used HAP instead of Animal Chess... I'm not on
firm grounds on those (not so important) decisions.

Oh, and now for the Valadeo Monteiro theme...

Best regards, Alain

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