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Rol, Guus G.A.Rol at umcutrecht.nl
Tue Dec 4 06:34:00 EST 2007

Nice example. Skipping over the economy rules I am a great believer in
the aesthetics of chess positions. I once even slipped in a redundant
pawn (by removing one and adding two pawns) for better geometry looks in
publication. The cute thing is that aesthetics works subconsciously. It
may get you an award where he judge doesn't even know why he awarded you
- something he will never admit of course.

In your position (without knowing it exactly) I would probably favor the
black knight. Neutral pawns in conjunction with a white pawn look awful
in print, whereas the black knight features nicely. Aesthetics is
subjective though, so you may have a different perception.

Guus Rol.

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> Another point is that I would quite like to retain a lightness of

> touch in the evaluation criteria for chess compositions, except in the

> domain of tasks (where the criteria need to be spelled out


I was talking about a task problem. The position has 1 white king, one
black king, 4 neutral pawns, and one extra piece to avoid a cook. This
piece can be a white pawn or a black knight.

I've solved the issue by sending both versions to the editor and let him
choose which is the more economical :).

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