[Retros] 9. ... Qd8# without extra captures

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Wed Oct 25 13:59:18 EDT 2006

And another record for queen, without extra captures:
1.Pd2-d3 Pe7-e5 2.Ke1-d2 Qd8-g5 3.Kd2-c3 Qg5-d2
4.Kc3-c4 Qd2xd1 5.Kc4-b5 Qd1-d2 6.Pc2-c4 Qd2-g5
7.Bc1-f4 Pc7-c5 8.Sb1-d2 Pa7-a6 9.Kb5-b6 Qg5-d8

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