[Retros] A new record for bishop

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Wed Oct 25 13:07:52 EDT 2006

Here is a new record (AF, ND) for bishop in both categories (non-thematic captures possible and no non-thematic captures):
1.Pe2-e3 Pd7-d5 2.Ke1-e2 Bc8-h3 3.Pg2-g4 Bh3xf1
4.Ke2-f3 Bf1-a6 5.Kf3-f4 Pe7-e5 6.Kf4-f5 Bf8-a3
7.Pb2-b4 Ba3-b2 8.Pa2-a3 Pb7-b5 9.Ra1-a2 Ba6-c8

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