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Gerd wrote :
BTW, I don't agree that both 2nd HM ex aequo show a Pronkin-AUW because it
cannot be proven that Ra1 and Nb1 are really Pronkin pieces, i.e. it cannot
be proven that they occupy the squares of original pieces which have been
captured. But this is of course a question of the definition of "Pronkin" in
classical retros. For a "strict" Pronkin AUW at least 5 promotions are
necessary (2 Night promotions because Nights may exchange places in the
initial phase of the game).
Here is my setting with 4 "strict" Pronkin promotions:
Pronkin pieces Dd1, Bc1, Nb1, Ng1

Andrey wrote :
The solution of 1st Commendation seems to be misrepresented, because white
pawns b3, d2 and g2 rule out the return of Rg5 to a1. b4xa5 seems to be a
sufficient remedy

So, I made some other mistakes with this award. It was not only quick
composing for the composers but also quick judging for the judge...

I missed the point in Gerd's problem and thus discarded it to the benefice
of Andrey's and Thierry's ones. But it was indeed the only entry with 4
"strict" Pronkin promotions. The drawback of this rendering is that the retroplay is
not so precise that in the "not strict" renderings (Dd1 could have been
promoted on c8 or d8 for example).
So I reintegrate Gerd's problem in the award as another 2nd HM ex aequo with
Andrey and Thierry.

The second mistake pointed by Andrey is less important; I indeed wrongly
retranscripted the solution by Gerd.

Best wishes,

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