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As I was very late for posting Messigny results, I was also late for sending
the Champagne 2006 theme to Dirk Borst (2 days ago) and it is not yet
published on the Wageningen site.

So here it is, but please note that, according to the wishes of the Congress
organizers, the tourney is opened only to people that will be present in

Best wishes,


Champagne Tourney Wageningen 2006

For the first time, the Champagne Tourney is declined in 2 sections (with
separate awards) :
A . ProofGames
B. Any other kind of Retro problems

The theme, common to both sections :
Tempo play by a promoted piece

Example A
Michel Caillaud, Commended, Gianni Donati-50, 2002-03
White : Ke1 Dd1 Ta1h1 Lc1f1 Sb1g1 Ba2c2d2e2f2g2h2
Black : Kf6 Df4 Tb8h8 Lc8f8 Sg8 Ba7e7g7h7b6d6f5
(FEN 1tl2lst/b3b1bb/1b1b1k2/5b2/5d2/8/B1BBBBBB/TSLDKLST)
SPG 8,0 (15+14) C+
1.b4 f5 2.b5 Kf7 3.b6 Kf6 4.b×c7 b6 5.c×b8=D Dc7 6.Db7 Df4 7.Dc7 d6 8.Db8

Example B
Michel Caillaud, original scheme
White : Kf3 Lc1 Ph4h2
Black : Kh3 Pg5
(FEN 8/8/8/6b1/7P/5K1k/7B/2L5)
-2 and 1# type Proca Anticirce (4+2) C+
-1.c7×Lb8(Lc1)? and 1.c8=D+ but 1…g4+!
-1.Lc1×Pe3(Lc1)! tempo g7,g6-g5 -2.c7×Lb8(Lc1) and 1.c8=D‡

Fairies allowed in both sections.
There will be (only) one bottle per section.
Maximum 2 entries per composer per section
Maximum 1 non computer tested entry per composer in section A

Entries to Michel Caillaud before 2nd August 20h00
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