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Some precisions about the tourney.

I already receive "non entries" by composers who didn't notice that the
tourney was opened only to Congress participants. So let it be repeated here.

(Remark about the theme : examples and "non entries" showed switchbacks by a
thematic piece, but that is not necessary).

Some other questions I got :

Q : Are collaborations between a composer present at Wageningen and another
not present allowed?
A : I don't know about about the other tourneys but my answer for Champagne
is yes. The problem has to be signed by the one who handed it to me in
Wageningen, but there can be other signatures on it...

Q : In cases of co-authorship, how is established the participation limit?
A : I use the system for counting points in FIDE-Album; a problem with
2/3/4/etc. co-authors is 0.5/0.33/0.25/etc problem per composer. So a team of 2
composers can submit 4 problems per section, etc. "L'union fait la force".

Best wishes,
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