[Retros] 50 moves rule

Thomas Maeder maeder at glue.ch
Fri Dec 29 13:25:18 EST 2006

Otto Janko wrote:


> For example, the current codex at


> http://www.sci.fi/~stniekat/pccc/codex.htm


> does not even have a publication date - the page "last updated" in February

> 1999, but there is a chapter "Proposed amendments (Wageningen 2006)". When

> has this codex agreed, and which codex was valid until then?

Thomas Maeder wrote to this list (20.12.2006):


>> I found online a copy of the PCCC Codex, prior to the Wageningen meeting

>> of this year:


>> http://www.sci.fi/~stniekat/pccc/codex.htm#b22


>> This contains various proposed amendments. Has anyone got a copy of the

>> revised Codex agreed at Wageningen that they can circulate please?


> Nothing was changed in Wagningen. It was decided to postpone decisions to

> next year's meeting to allow delegates to consult with their countries'

> composers.


> The online text minus the "Proposed Amendments" part is the current Codex.


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