[Retros] Steno-Chess notation

Eric Angelini keynews.tv at skynet.be
Wed Mar 3 04:52:44 EST 2004

Hello Mario,

> Is the following position the final position of your intended

> solution? 8/p1pppp2/8/6k1/6P1/3BP3/P1PKP2P/Rr2q3

... yes, congrats !
... Have you found the < 1.c3 > string ?

> new kind of stalemate

... indeed ! -- I've overlooked that ...

> One suggestion:

> I would prefer a notation that doesn't make use of

> special symbols like the underlined letters for pawn

> promotions. Using such symbols makes it difficult to

> distribute problems of that genre via text-only medias.

... yes, I know -- but I have no answer... [especially in
french notation... Perhaps a prime symbol ( ' ) after
the capital letter of the promoted piece ?]

> In the english version the only problematic letter

> is 'b', which is already used for describing a move

> which places a piece on the b-file.

> Using e.g. an uppercase 'L' for bishop and lowercase

> 'l', 'q', 'r' and 'n' for describing a move which promotes

> a pawn into a bishop, queen, rook resp. knight

> would remove the necessity of using underlined letters.

... adopted ! I'll correct accordingly my page in a few
minutes, thanks !

> Two questions:

> Does the 'K' for describing a King move include

> castling?

... good idea -- this adds more possibilities

> Would an additonal letter (e.g. 'U') for denoting a

> pawn promotion without revealing what kind of piece

> the pawn promoted into make any sense?

... yes, makes sense, but this is not "natural" -- I've thought
of more such stipulations (but discarded them) :
- make a move ending on the same square color
- move diagonally
- move a piece two ranks up or down (two files left or right)
- etc.

... but this is too early to fix, I think... Let's develop a bit
the orthodox StenoChess before trying heterodox variations !

> greetings

> mario

... the same !

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