[Retros] Steno-Chess notation

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Tue Mar 2 17:18:21 EST 2004

Dear Éric,

you wrote:

> Steno-Chess notation (in english), here :


> http://angelink.be/?StenoChess

Nice idea!
(which btw. produces a new kind of stalemate -
besides the normal forward stalemate and
and the retro stalemate you can now end up
with a position where no move is possible
with regard to the steno string).

One suggestion:
I would prefer a notation that doesn't make use of
special symbols like the underlined letters for pawn
promotions. Using such symbols makes it difficult to
distribute problems of that genre via text-only medias.

In the english version the only problematic letter
is 'b', which is already used for describing a move
which places a piece on the b-file.
Using e.g. a lowercase 'l' for bishop and lowercase
'q', 'r' and 'n' for describing a move which promotes
a pawn into a bishop, queen, rook resp. knight
would remove the necessity of using underlined letters.

Two questions:
Does the 'K' for describing a King move include
Would an additonal letter (e.g. 'U') for denoting a
pawn promotion without revealing what kind of piece
the pawn promoted into make any sense?

My attempt for solving the steno problem posed
on the above mentioned website:

steno string = dg6BxgxK+x5Nx4+NxBgx+N1+x2xg+5ebxR6+dQNQg4~#

Is the following position the final position
of your intended solution?



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