[Retros] Steno-Chess notation

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Wed Mar 3 08:00:50 EST 2004

Hello Éric,

> ... Have you found the < 1.c3 > string ?

Not yet. Are you sure there is one?

With a 5-symbol-string my solution is: ce24x

(btw., to get some inspiration I checked your list
for the other first moves. I was most impressed
by your string 4Nf+ for 1.f4.
For some of the other strings I'm not quiet sure
if I'm missing something, but
1.d4 --> 4gx (alternative matching sequence:
1. h4 g5 2. hxg )

1.e3 --> 3bx (alternative matching sequence:
1. Nc3 b5 2. Nxb5 )

> ... Perhaps a prime symbol ( ' ) after

> the capital letter of the promoted piece ?]

Unfortunately this would disturb the simple rule as given
on your website:
"A string is read left to right. Odd instructions

are for White, even instructions for Black."


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