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Giuseppe Ferro gferro at ouverture.it
Fri May 10 13:38:54 EDT 2002

At 17.25 10/05/2002 +0200, you wrote:

>On Thu, May 09, 2002, Joost de Heer wrote:


> > >Here is a small suggestion: why don't you add a downloadable archive

> > >(updated every month for example) containing the whole RetroCorner?

> > >It could be very useful for people with slow connections.


> > Realize that, when I stopped maintaining the retro corner end july lat

> > year, the archive (a tar/gz of the whole public_html tree) was about

> > 12 MB!


>I may be naive but I think that some people will download the archive

>despite its size: the RetroCorner has a lot of intern links (problems,

>definitions, solutions, etc...), and it can be pleasant to have

>everything somewhere on the hard disk...

I suggest to use something like Teleport Pro or Godzilla. I downloaded the
whole RetroCorner site in about two hours. From now on, it will be child's
play to update my computer-resident RetroCorner.

Giuseppe Ferro

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