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Otto Janko otto at janko.at
Fri May 10 16:10:51 EDT 2002

Giuseppe Ferro wrote on Friday, May 10, 2002 7:39 PM:

> At 17.25 10/05/2002 +0200, you wrote:

> > On Thu, May 09, 2002, Joost de Heer wrote:

> >

> > > > Here is a small suggestion: why don't you add a

> > > > downloadable archive (updated every month for example)

> > > > containing the whole RetroCorner?

> > > > It could be very useful for people with slow connections.

> >

> > > Realize that, when I stopped maintaining the retro corner

> > > end july lat year, the archive (a tar/gz of the whole

> > > public_html tree) was about 12 MB!

> >

> > I may be naive but I think that some people will download the

> > archive despite its size: the RetroCorner has a lot of intern

> > links (problems,definitions, solutions, etc...), and it can

> > be pleasant to have everything somewhere on the hard disk...


> I suggest to use something like Teleport Pro or Godzilla. I

> downloaded the whole RetroCorner site in about two hours. From

> now on, it will be child's play to update my computer-resident

> RetroCorner.

Yes, Teleport Pro would be an option.

But: Wait 3-4 weeks to do so, because the Retro Corner is not in a stable
state now. I have to add about 300 links. I just run an HTML checker and now
face the problem to find the time to correct about 150 HTML erros (yes,
browsers are very fault tolerant, so this is not the problem with the
highest priority).

The Retro Corner now contains 496 HTML files and 2203 GIF files; this adds
up to a total of 22,1 MB (uncompressed) or 15.2 MB (a single compressed ZIP

Ok, in June I will provide the whole Retro Corner in a single ZIP file for
download. This file will be updated once a year (or so).

Best Regards,

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