[Retros] The Retro Analysis Corner

Olivier Teulière ipkiss at via.ecp.fr
Fri May 10 11:25:23 EDT 2002

On Thu, May 09, 2002, Joost de Heer wrote:

> >Here is a small suggestion: why don't you add a downloadable archive

> >(updated every month for example) containing the whole RetroCorner?

> >It could be very useful for people with slow connections.

> Realize that, when I stopped maintaining the retro corner end july lat

> year, the archive (a tar/gz of the whole public_html tree) was about

> 12 MB!

I may be naive but I think that some people will download the archive
despite its size: the RetroCorner has a lot of intern links (problems,
definitions, solutions, etc...), and it can be pleasant to have
everything somewhere on the hard disk...

> Most of the archive is GIFs of the diagrams btw (1801 at the time I

> created the archive)

There is a solution for this : a PHP script could generate the diagrams
on-the-fly, thus reducing drastically the size of the archive.

But I agree this solution is not perfect : it would require to have PHP
installed on both server (for normal users) and client (for people that
download the archive) sides, and it would also be a painful task to
change all the existing pages...

Well, I just wanted to mention the possibility :) Anyway, if you want to
try this, I'm ready to help.


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