[Jacob-list] keeping rams with ewes

Melody critterland at bendcable.com
Sun Jul 13 12:31:36 EDT 2003

Ok, here's another question to go with the Bachelor Party line---for those
of you who keep rams with your ewes all year long--can you give the pros and
cons for this?  I find that when the ram goes in with the ewes, he becomes
more aggressive and I can't mingle freely with my ewes for trying to watch
out for sneak attacks.  It's hard to feed the ewes with a stick in one hand
(for emergency attitude adjustments) while pirouetting to keep the ram in
front of me.  Have had this with more than one ram.   Actually I would love
to be able to let them all run together all year,  but I also want to be
able to enjoy my ewes.  Also, with the ewes and ram together, you obviously
can't control lambing times--Aside from having ewes lambing at all different
times, what about shearing?  I get mine sheared about a month before
lambing--easier to see what's going on with the ewe, bagging up etc, avoids
the "stress break" in the wool, and the ewe isn't being tipped and  rolled
about when she is very near her time.  (just my reasons)  .  Do you just
pick a time and shear, regardless of pre- or post-lambing, or whatever?
The longer I have sheep it seems the more questions I have!!!
Melody at CritterLand
Redmond OR

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