[Retros] Update on last single moves records

Thierry LE GLEUHER t.legleuher at hotmail.fr
Mon Aug 15 13:24:08 EDT 2022

Dear retro friends

Thanks to a few readers who saw errors or missing information in the August 5 release, I was able to correct the document. Thanks to Pascal Wassong, Werner Keym and Thomas Brand for their detailed reading of the file.
This new version (v2) includes the following changes:

  *   Addition of the dedication "dedicated to Babette" on the diagram of C26/55
  *   Update to Joe Kisenwether's website address
  *   Correction of the C27/109 solution (due to a bad copy paste, the previous one was just a try)
  *   Addition of comments to problem solutions using the 50-move rule
  *   Correction of German words in the "dictionary" (p.30)
  *   Addition Hugo August's date of death
  *   Corrections of various typos

You are free to distribute this pdf, and to put it online.

Best Regards


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Dear retro friends

The latest update was in Feb 2018 and was published to Phénix 282 issue (but in french). After 4 years the table of records has changed a little again and this is the opportunity to publish a new version of the bocklet initiated by Alain Brobecker in 2007.

If you have additional information on the subject or if you know of any problems that have not been taken into account, please let us know for a future update.

You will find in attached:

  *   the updated version (in English)
  *   the previous one (in French)

Have fun.

Thierry Le Gleuher

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