[Retros] Update on last single moves records

Pascal Wassong pascal.wassong at free.fr
Fri Aug 5 09:03:17 EDT 2022

Et une autre remarque.

Ce lien que vous citez à la fin du document n'est plus valide :


>>>>> "Thierry" == Thierry LE GLEUHER <t.legleuher at hotmail.fr> writes:

  Thierry> Dear retro friends The latest update was in Feb 2018 and was
  Thierry> published to Phénix 282 issue (but in french). After 4 years
  Thierry> the table of records has changed a little again and this is
  Thierry> the opportunity to publish a new version of the bocklet
  Thierry> initiated by Alain Brobecker in 2007.

  Thierry> If you have additional information on the subject or if you
  Thierry> know of any problems that have not been taken into account,
  Thierry> please let us know for a future update.

  Thierry> You will find in attached:

  Thierry>   * the updated version (in English) * the previous one (in
  Thierry> French)

  Thierry> Have fun.

  Thierry> Thierry Le Gleuher http://phenix-echecs.fr

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