[Retros] Retro composing tourney

Pascal Wassong pascal.wassong at free.fr
Sun Jul 12 12:42:04 EDT 2020

Hello Alain,

I am not sure to understand all the differences.  Is the following
correct ?

In Kamikaze, a king can capture and stays on the board.

In Kamikaze RI, a king cannot capture, and opposing kings are NOT
allowed to be on adjacent squares.

In Kamikaze Darlilly, a king cannot capture, and opposing kings are
allowed to be on adjacent squares.

For the RIFACE 2020 composing tournament, we are using this third rule.


Alain BROBECKER via Retros <retros at janko.at> writes:

> Dear retro friends,
> After reactions from some of you, I agree that the first phrasing was by far
> not the best. Sorry for the inconvenience if any.
> After some discussion with Andrew Buchanan and his help putting things
> into light,
>  I hope the following is more precise:
> Compose a classical retrograde analysis problem (last move(s), legal position...)
> with the Kamikaze Dardilly condition:
> • A capturing unit disappears from the board as well as the captured unit.
> • Kings cannot capture, hence they do not deliver check and so
> opposing Kings can be adjacent
> Still some time to compose,
> Have fun
> Alain
> PS: Andrew proposed Kamikaze R.I. FACE to FACE as a name, which is
> funny (RIFACE being the name
> of the french problemists gathering), but I think we can get rid of
> the R.I. part since
> giving the Kamikaze condition to Kings led to have them unable to use it.
> Alain Brobecker - http://abrobecker.free.fr/

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