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Eric Angelini Eric.Angelini at kntv.be
Sat Nov 19 21:03:31 EST 2016

Hello retro-fans,

I've had this idea tonight -- which

is probably old hat;

-- say a pawn is worth 1 point,

a rook 4, a knight 3, a bishop 3

and a queen 9 (as this is commonly

accepted). We might use those

equivalences to build new problems.

A simple example with no diagram

(the game starts with the traditional

chess array and rules):

-- Black has just long-castled at the

5th move, leaving 24 points out of

the board; what points?

[in other words, what pieces were

captured during the game, representing

a total amount of 24 points as explained


A lot of problems are possible with

this (new?) concept -- for instance:

 1.  shortest checkmate with 0 points (this is well known)
 2.  shortest checkmate with n points
 3.  shortest game reaching 10 black points (the captured pieces only belong to Black)
 4.  etc.



(I hope the "long-castle" problem

has only one answer. And if

someone beats my 24-point record, I'd like

to see a possible 10-ply explanation ;-)

Catapulté de mon aPhone

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