[Retros] one man PGs

Nicolas Dupont Nicolas.Dupont at univ-lille1.fr
Wed May 25 11:30:25 EDT 2016

>  1. Pd2-d4   Pb7-b6     2. Fc1-d2   Pb6-b5     3. Fd2-a5   Pb5-b4
>  4. Cb1-d2   Pb4-b3     5. Ta1-b1   Pb3xa2     6. Pb2-b4   Pa2-a1=C
>  7. Pb4-b5   Ca1-b3     8. Pb5-b6   Cb3-c5     9. Pb6-b7   Cc5-e4
> 10. Pb7xa8=F Ce4-f6    11. Fa8-d5   Cf6-g4    12. Fd5-a2   Cg4xh2
> 13. Pd4-d5   Ch2-g4    14. Th1-h4   Cg4-e3    15. Th4-d4   Ce3xd1
> 16. Pf2-f4   Cd1-f2    17. Pg2-g4   Cf2-h3    18. Ff1-g2   Ch3xg1
> 19. Fg2-e4   Cg1-f3    20. Re1-f2   Cf3-e5    21. Fe4-g6   Ce5-c4
> 22. Pf4-f5   Cc4-b6    23. Rf2-e3   Cb6-a8

This is indeed a new improvement, thanks Roberto.

> 24.Rb6 does not improve the record, since this is 23 "one man" moves by
> black (its is C+ anyway after 24.Rb6).

It depends whether the record to establish is the max of moves from  
the thematic side, or the max length of the game. I prefer the second  
option, as it asks for some more imagination to be able to add a last  
half-move from the non-thematic side.

Suppose there is a new improvement in 23.0 with, say, one more  
homebased piece but impossibility to add a last half-move. In that  
case I would think the record still belongs to the 23.5 game, don't you?

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