[Retros] one man PGs / lazy Spectators PG (LS-PG)

roberto osorio osorio.arg at gmail.com
Wed May 18 19:17:56 EDT 2016

Hi friends,

Thanks Francois for pointing out that relevant antecedent.

I interchanged a couple of messages with Mario Richter, who was the
on november 2004. He established the task quite clearly.

But I am not sure which are the present record renditions. Mario's
criterion could
be followed,

LS-PG(a,b,c,d), where,
- one sided (a=1), two sided (a=2)
- standard material (b=0), visible promotees (b=1)
- c= number of thematic moves
- Thematic side homebased (c=1), non (c=0)

So, the examples I presented would be (1,0,12.0,1) and (2,0,7.0,1)

As far as I see, the C+ records could be,

Nicolas Dupont (1,0,19.5,1)

1.Cç3 g5 2.Cd5 g4 3.C×é7 g3 4.Cg6 Fb4 5.Cf8 Cé7 6.C×h7 Cg6 7.Cg5 Th6
8.C×f7 Ch8 9.Cé5 Tb6 10.Cç6 d6 11.C×a7 Fé6 12.Cç6 Cd7 13.Ca5 Db8
14.C×b7 Da7 15.Cç5 0-0-0 16.Ca6 Rb7 17.C×ç7 Tç8 18.Cb5 Tç3 19.Ca3 Fç4

Michel Caillaud (2,0,10.5,1)


And Goran is proposing a (2,1,18.0,0) rendition (testable?)

1.f4 a5 2.f5 a4 3.f6 a3 4.fxg7 axb2 5.gxh8=N bxa1=N 6.Ng6 Nb3
7.Nxf8 Nxc1 8.Ne6 Nxe2 9.Nxd8 Nc3 10.Nc6 Nxd1 11.Na7 Nf2
12.Nxc8 Nxh1 13.Nb6 Ng3 14.Nxa8 Nxf1 15.Nb6 Ne3 16.Nd5 Nc4
17.Nf4 Nb6 18.Nfh3 Na8

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