[Retros] rights & ocassions / the Carlsen - Dupont Match

raosorio at fibertel.com.ar raosorio at fibertel.com.ar
Tue May 6 07:04:41 EDT 2014

HI Nicolas,

On may the 7th Nicolas Dupont wrote,
I'm not sure to have fully understood your appoach, if not please forgive me.

You want to link the words "having the right to castle" with the words
"being able to castle in the future". To my eyes such a link doesn't
exist, even in real life: I have the right to win against Carlsen otb,
although it will never appear!

Let's say that the real chances are very poore, but he could be drunk and suffering 40 centigrades
fever; if this is not enough, let's add some drugg effects, psyco delirious and hurt aritmia.

Perhaps the chances are still low, but they are not mathematically zero.

But if FIDE determines that the Match Carlsen - Dupont is forbidden for ever then the chance is zero.
This is the point.


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