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raosorio at fibertel.com.ar raosorio at fibertel.com.ar
Mon May 5 17:37:35 EDT 2014

Hi Kevin,

ps: if you believe otherwise, present a clear definition for your interpretation
I have learned trough some previous messages to the RML how to interpretate this type
of prhases coming from you; just non aggresive but temperamental. I feel comfortable with this.
Other way it would sound imperative, and frankly speaking I have enough with my wife at home.

I don't care whether you can castle, or not.
I care only that you have altered the position.
but we are taulking about castling

Consider the following position:
White : Ke1 Rh1 Pd6c5b4b2
Black : Kb8 Ra8a7 Bc8b7a6 Pd7c6b5h2

According to your "spirit of the law" interpretation (which is frankly no
such thing), movement of the white pawn, from b2 to b3, is useless -- no
capture or promotion is possible.
Therefore, according to your viewpoint, the position never really changed.
a) I can not connect this with what I said. O f course b2-b3 is a relevant move from
many points of view: it defines the draw (the position is not DR; white could move the R
and the game continues). THE POSITION CHANGED, but just after that move.

My point in this type of position is just that there is definitively no 0-0 chance for white
from the diagram position on.

b) Perhaps what is making noise here is my reference to the "spirit of the law". Is it?
If so, let's forget it. I was just trying to frame the idea of the "no castling chance" in the
position I presented, and the same applies to yours. All of this as a result of the non clear
phrasing in the Laws.

c) Rubbish?!! :-)


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