[Retros] SPGs ending stalemate

Retros Probleemblad retro at probleemblad.nl
Mon Jun 16 04:21:45 EDT 2014

On 06/16/2014 07:27 AM, "Bernd Gräfrath" wrote:
> Dear Roberto,
> here are three examples from the PDB:
> P1013093
> P1004135
> P1004131

Further examples:


And fairy:
r1bqkb2/Rpppppp1/2P2P2/6BQ/8/4P3/1PP1sP1P/1S2KBSR Joost de Heer, Quartz 
2007, SPG 9.5 Madrasi
rsbq1bsr/ppppp3/6p1/7k/4P1Pp/3P3Q/PPP2P1P/RSB1K1SR Jorge Lois/Roberto 
Osorio, Retros mailinglist 2008, SPG 6.5, Madrasi


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