[Retros] Messigny 2013 results

Joost de Heer joost at sanguis.xs4all.nl
Fri Jul 5 03:29:59 EDT 2013

(Apologies, I know that the retro list probably isn't the best place to
discuss fairy mess......)

> Nicolas Dupont later showed me a Monochrome Chess definition that

> explicitly mentions queen side castling (most others apparently don't

> mention it). This definition says that queen side castling is illegal, so

> I now think that it should be illegal,

Just because one definition says it's illegal doesn't make it illegal.

- In (Hyper)volage, the rook will not change colour after queenside castling
- In monochrome, queenside castling is forbidden because the rook changes
square colour

So in one case it matters that the square colour changes, in the other it

- In Einstein, the rook will become a bishop after castling
- In Antiandernach, the rook will not change colour after castling.
- In Haan, castling leaves two holes

So in some cases aftereffects are applied to the rook, in others they aren't.

I'm starting to agree more and more with Kevin's 'fairy chess == mess'


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