[Retros] New record for FENfun-5

Olli Heimo olli.heimo at luukku.com
Fri Aug 23 03:22:00 EDT 2013

This should be a new record for FENfun-5:
5knr/5ppp/rQn5/ppP5/5Bbq/b5PN/PPPKPPBP/RN5R, proofgame in 10.0 moves.
One posiible solution: 1.d4 e6 2.Bf4 Ba3 3.Nh3 c5 4.dxc5 Kf8 5.Qxd7 a5 6.Qxe6 b5 7.Qb6 Ra6 8.g3 Nc6 9.Bg2 Qh4 10.Kd2 Bg4. Olli.

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