[Retros] Solidarity Chess (=SC)

Nicolas Dupont Nicolas.Dupont at univ-lille1.fr
Thu Dec 20 15:29:07 EST 2012

> It is worth considering that your fairy condition might simply redefine the

> nature of check.


> This is done, for example, in the Extinction Chess, and Anti-Kings

> conditions.

And for plenty of other conditions: SAT (already mentionned) or e.g.
Vogtlaender chess. In this latter, a checking move gives the
opportunity to the opponent side to capture your own King. For
example, with wKe1, bPc2e2, we have Kf1+ and Kd1#. After 1.Kf1+, the
only legal black answers are 1... e1=S and 1... e1=B.

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