[Retros] example of popeye a=>b please

Thomas Brand t.brand at gmx.net
Wed Dec 5 13:00:12 EST 2012

Dear Andrew,

I attach the (german -- but I think that doesn't matter) Popeye example file
for a=>b.

General syntax is not too complicated:
<positions a>
stip a=>b{no of moves}
{optional: whitebegins}
<position b>

Best regards,


Am 05.12.2012 17:58, schrieb Andrew Buchanan:

> Hi retro friends,


> Would someone be so kind as to give me a valid input file for Popeye to verify

> a=>b proof game, please.


> I want to try verifying something, but can’t figure out the syntax.


> Thanks,


> Andrew.




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prot atob.out

auto ?
quel Andernach 5/2001
stei weis Kb3 Tb6 Te8 Bc3
stei schw Kc7 Tg3 La6
ford a=>b6
opti weiss
stei weis Kd5 Td6 Te5 Bc3
stei schw Kb5 Tg4 Lc4


auto ?
quel Andernach 5/2001
opti zugn
stei weis kg6 bb6d3e4g7
stei schw kf1 ba4a5a3a2
ford a=>b16
opti weiss
stei weis kg6 de3 th8 lb1 sd8
stei schw kf1 df8 te4 ld4 sb3


auto Norbert Geissler & Oliver Sick
quel Andernach 5/2001
opti zugn
stei weis kh5 ba7c7d5f7
schw kd7 bc2h2
ford a=>b5.5
stei weis kh5
schw kd7


auto Rene J. Millour
tite Fehler-Beispiel
bedi imit d4
stei weis bc6 ka5
schw ka8
ford a=>b2.5
stei weis ka6
schw kc6
bedi imit f3


autor Ren\'e J. Millour
quelle Die Schwalbe 203, Oktober 2003
fors 8/3bB3/1N4bG/1bb2k1S/T5b1/7b/LB3b2/2KDS3
forderung a=>b3
fors 8/3b4/1N4bG/1bb2k1S/T5b1/7b/LB6/2KDS3


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