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Tue Nov 8 08:24:35 EST 2011

Dear Alain,
I strongly support your idea and I think I could compose some problem(s) as a contribution towards such a contest, but I am afraid I have no “organizing abilities” and no skills at influencing any officials.

08.11.2011, 01:48, "Alain BROBECKER" <abrobecker at yahoo.com>:

> Dear retro friends,


> A small word about something i have in mind.

> On Sunday January 29th 2012, the

> International Solving Contest (ISC)

> will take place in many countries:

> http://www.saunalahti.fi/~stniekat/pccc/isc12inv.htm


> Wouldn't you think it would be nice to

> ask the organizers if we could propose at

> the same time a small retro solving contest?

> (maybe 5 problems, 1 hour)


> I mean i've only heard about a retro solving

> contest in France, and i must say it's very

> interesting to compete in. Maybe if we started

> to make a solving contest more people would

> get interested in retroanalysis?


> Of course i'm not good enough to be the one

> proposing/composing the problems (or maybe the

> problems for unexperienced solvers), but i hope

> the question in itself is interesting...


> What do you think?

> Shall we not try to organise something and get

> in contact with WFCC in this obective?


> Best regards, Alain


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