[Retros] Add pieces

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 05:57:12 EST 2011

Dear Kevin,

>Seems you've excluded what is, for me, by far, the most interesting

>problems of the "add" genre:

>Illegal Clusters! 

>In my general experience, no other formal stipulation has proven to

>be half as rewarding (retro or otherwise).

>Similarly, Legal Clusters deserve consideration.

You're probably right, but it's no mistake from me.
Quite simply i know nothing about IC (It was the same
for PGs some years ago, now, thanks to Nicolas Dupont
and other PG fans at messigny i start to see the beauty
in it, but i'm still not at ease with them). So dealing
with IC is, at the moment, far above my abilities.

>Further, it would be a shame not to include the identical

>categories for fairy retros.

Here i don't agree. Fairy retros are interesting, but
it widens the scope so much that the task will grow too
much for me. So i won't even consider them and won't feel
ashamed at all!

>I'll never understand how retro enthusiasts, who must be

>acutely aware of the historical bias against the retro

>genre (still present in the FIDE Albums), often (routinely?)

>discount fairy retros.

I think i understand your argument: we give the same treatment
to fairy genre as the one we complained about retro genre being
left as a poor parent of the problem community?
If so it's a misunderstanding. Simply, the compilation
do not exist in "orthodox" retro, so we must start with this
before "fairy" retros, no? And fairy retros is a much
wider task, i probably won't take it.

>As for your categorization, I'm not entirely clear on some

>technical points:

>In "type A", for example, is check determined before-

>or after- units are added?

Before (also in type C).


>A1) Add to achieve legality / illegality

Quite simply, i will only deal with problems of kind
"Add to achieve legality".

> though, I'm not certain why you care to distinguish between

>problems in which a royal unit is/isn't under attack.

See Noam's answer.

>At any rate, I hope this helps, and wish you great success with

>this endeavor...

Thank you. I alerady have two new records (5 pieces for add N and add
B in type C) , and will start the booklet this WE.

best regards, Alain

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