[Retros] Add units authors

Mu-Tsun Tsai tsai39 at illinois.edu
Mon Jun 20 18:45:33 EDT 2011

> Dear Andrew, Dear retro-friends


> Andrew wrote the following to me:

>>Hi Alain,

>>Thanks for managing this missing units game,

>>which is proving very exciting.

>>However, I do feel a little guilty at the “winner takes all”

>>nature of some of the ownership. Particularly the last few

>>weeks have seen a lot of healthy competition where each

>>composer builds on the works of the others.

>>I don’t think word “after” captures attribution well enough.

>>Firstly, one can only really be “after” a single person, not

>>several as is the case here. Secondly, the word to my English

>>ear suggests that the earlier work was a very long time ago.

>>What do you suggest?

>>I think it would be fun if several of the recent problems

>>are given multiple owners. I suggest for simplicity that

>>the owners be listed alphabetically (although that does

>>favour you and me!)

>>Have a think, and tell me your decision.


> I must say i totally agree!

> I will make a new version of the booklet next WE.

> Since i did not had the time to follow precisely the

> records, *maybe someone can help me to do this*.


> For example i think 1RA is

> Andrew Buchanan+

> Thierry Le Gleuher+

> Olli Heimo+

> Mu-Tsun Tsai


> But i may well be mistaken.


> Best regards, Alain

Multiple ownership is definitely a good idea, especially for those who fail
to "win" at the end, like me :). However I would probably suggest that the
owners are listed roughly by the chronological order with respect to how the
ideas came up (if someone contributes multiple times, choose the events that
is the most significant). For example, for 1RA it should be something like

Mu-Tsun Tsai ->
Olli Heimo ->
Thierry Le Gleuher ->
Andrew Buchanan

Just a thought. Maybe this is making things too complicated, well, anyway.


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