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Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 20 14:10:22 EDT 2011

Dear Andrew, Dear retro-friends

Andrew wrote the following to me:

>Hi Alain,

>Thanks for managing this missing units game,

>which is proving very exciting.

>However, I do feel a little guilty at the “winner takes all”

>nature of some of the ownership. Particularly the last few

>weeks have seen a lot of healthy competition where each

>composer builds on the works of the others.

>I don’t think word “after” captures attribution well enough.

>Firstly, one can only really be “after” a single person, not

>several as is the case here. Secondly, the word to my English

>ear suggests that the earlier work was a very long time ago.

>What do you suggest?

>I think it would be fun if several of the recent problems

>are given multiple owners. I suggest for simplicity that

>the owners be listed alphabetically (although that does

>favour you and me!)

>Have a think, and tell me your decision.

I must say i totally agree!
I will make a new version of the booklet next WE.
Since i did not had the time to follow precisely the
records, *maybe someone can help me to do this*.

For example i think 1RA is
Andrew Buchanan+
Thierry Le Gleuher+
Olli Heimo+
Mu-Tsun Tsai

But i may well be mistaken.

Best regards, Alain

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