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Please take note that this tourney is open ONLY to participants in WCCC in
Jesi (Italy) next week.
Below is the announcement of Champagne 2011, dedicated to memory of
Alexandr Kislyak.

Best wishes,

Champagne Tourney Jesi 2011

The Tourney is opened only to Congress Participants

This year, the tourney is dedicated to the memory of Alexandr Kislyak (27
XII 1938- 5 V 2010)

The Tourney is declined in 2 sections (with separate awards) :
A . ProofGames B. Any other kind of Retro problems

Theme :
2 Pawns originated from the same column promote.

Example A :
Mario Velucchi, L'Italia Schacchisticha 1997
SPG 6,5 2 solutions (15+14) C+

1.f4 g5 2.fxg5 f5 3.g6 f4 4.gxh7 f3 5.hxg8=B (Champagne!) fxg2 6.Bh7 gxf1=N
(Champagne!) 7.Bg6#
Thematical Pawns : f2 and f7.
The shortest rendering of the theme to be found in Winchloe.
But the problem doesn't fit for the tourney because of the not thematical
second solution(!) :
1.f4 Nh6 2.f5 Nxf5 3.g3 Nxg3 4.Bh3 f5 5.Bx5 Nf1 6.Bxh7 g6 7.Bxg6#

Splitting the theme in 2 phases (1 promotion in each) is accepted.

Example B :
Alexandr Kislyak, 1st Prize, Memorial Karl Fabel, Die Schwalbe 1976
1# (who?) (12+14)

Key to unlocking of the position is move b2-b3. White Bc1 has to go back
home before that. wN and bN have to unpromote in order to make the key-piece
wBc1 reappear (the Kislyak theme!).
-1…Ne5-c4 -2.Nd3-b2 Nc4-e5 -3.Nf4-d3 Ne5-c4 -4.Ng6-f4 Nc4-e5 -5.Nf8-g6
Ne5-c4 -6.f7-f8=N (Champagne!) Nf3-e5 -7.f6-f7 Ne1-f3 -8.f5-f6 e2-e1=N
(Champagne!) -9.f4-f5 e3-e2 -10.f3-f4 f4xBe3 (Kislyak!) -11.Bd4-e3 f5-f4
-12.Bb2-d4 f6-f5 -13.Bc1-b2 f7-f6 -14.b2-b3 Nb3-a1 -15.h2-h3! (not -15.e3-e4? :
wRh1 will not go back home; not -15.f2-f3? or -15.g2-g3? : bBa7 comes from
promotion by bPh after h3xg2-g1=B)
(also note that wBd8 comes from promotion by wPa after axNb and b7-b8=B)
As Knights cannot lose tempo, the unlocking doesn't work with last move by
White is to play and mates by 1.Nxc4#!. 1.Nxb2#? with black to play is
Thematic Pawns : f2 and f7.
The Kislyak theme is not requested but will be specially appreciated.

Fairy conditions allowed in both sections.
Maximum 3 entries per composer per section.
Maximum 1 non computer tested entry per composer in section A

Entries to Michel Caillaud by Wednesday 24th August 9:00 PM
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