[Retros] 1. Introduction to Retrograde Analysis (Kevin Begley)

Kevin Begley kevinjbegley at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 15:25:26 EDT 2010

> Nikolai's work is certainly not perfect (and none will ever be)...

>I enjoyed it and discovered some ideas i was not aware of in it...

I did too..
I hope it will be improved further.

>The easiest problems can well be found by independent authors (see for

example P0000971), ...

>Nikolai has probably used matrix [...that...] is hard to credit(?)...

P0000971 may have had many independent authors -- nevertheless, the problem
is presented on PDB with the authors properly credited.

The Introduction's game of flashcard legality questions is not bad... I
rather enjoyed it.
I'd only prefer that this be done using properly credited, published works
(such as P0000971)!
If there are instances where this is not possible, it is customary to use an
intermediate position, and credit the author.

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