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But the selection and application of the criteria to which Andrey refers will present exactly the same issues -- which criteria are the right ones? what is their respective weight? etc.) as are presented by the current subjective application of unknown criteria.

I have never understood why the problems published in a journal are involved in an informal tourney. It was a surprise to me when I first sent a composition to a journal decades ago, and I still find it mysterious.

Tom Volet

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Dear friends,
As we all know, in a democratic society any citizen has the right to a fair trial. I know it’s an unrealistic dream, but wouldn’t it be nice if each (retro) composer had a right to a fair (i.e. strict criteria based) assessment of his/her problems in composing tourneys?
The fairness of any voting-based ranking can be disputed for a variety of reasons. For example just a day and a half ago I encountered (form a second time, actually) a list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” In the Top 10 of that list, 7 albums are from the 60s and 3 from the 70s, in particular 3 albums date back to 1966. Who will refer to that ranking as a fairer one, compared to the Probleemblad millennium ranking?
As to the judge assessing the length record as being worth a mere 2.5 points, it was actually NOT Plaksin.
Thank you so much for your interested comments on the PG 57.5. They brought back a host of memories. May I assure you that the composing process did involve a multitude of “subtleties” of various sorts.

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err, Dombrovskis' #2 -- I think it was tied with Lacny's #2...

For #3, I think they had Loyd's Steintz Gambit, tied with something...
I'm not sure I agree with that choice.
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