[Retros] Fwd: Proof game promotion task

Kevin Begley kevinjbegley at gmail.com
Tue May 11 02:52:41 EDT 2010

Agreed. Berolina Pawns would only be more challenging.
They have numerous non-capturing paths to the same square, unlike
orthodox pawns.

I know of only one Fairy ProofGame which exceeds 57.5 moves...

PG65.5 Minimummer (white & black)
3rd H.M., Problem Paradise,

Restricting conditions probably work best: Minimummer, Koko,
Single-Combat, Bi-chromatic, and the like (or a good combination of
such conditions).

Fairy records are certainly interesting; but, such an erosion of
paradox can occur -- it requires great care to preserve artistic
integrity when employing such conditions.

If you trek through the solution to Caillaud's Proofgame (or better
yet, solve it), you soon realize that his primary interest was to
present a thematically rich (read: artistic) problem.
And, the problem does not fail to deliver!

For the sake of achieving such a task, perhaps no degree of artistry is needed.
However, unlike Yarosh's Babson, few could gaze upon an
Cyclic-Babson-Task (in orthodox directmate) without having some pity
for its grotesque realization -- despite the remarkable achievement.

I'm not clear why the same is rarely said of the record lengh
proofgame (which is sited, almost universally, as the best proofgame
composed -- without any mention of the abundance of promoted force
this required).

There seems a disconnect, from one genre to another, as to what
constitutes an acceptable sacrifice in aesthetics.

Personally, I wouldn't list the PG57.5 in the top 10.
In fact, I fully expect its length will be surpassed.

> I assume this preference is directed at proof games, because I see no

> obvious or other reason why other captures are "better" than pawn captures

> in orthodox retroanalysis.

> Tom Volet


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