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I assume this preference is directed at proof games, because I see no obvious or other reason why other captures are "better" than pawn captures in orthodox retroanalysis.
Tom Volet

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Promoted force is like having obvious pawn captures, that's why other captures are better (to state the obvious). However, surely it's agreed that if someone can break the soundbarrier, all means are allowed.


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> I just wanted to add: I'm not entirely certain why promoted force

> has been avoided in some of these efforts -- many of which are clearly

> driven by the desire to produce an extremely long (if not the longest)

> orthodox proofgame.


> Certainly, for tasks such as this (and the one you've outlined),

> promoted force would be forgiven!?

> This makes me wonder if an orthodox PG beyond 57.5 might be possible!?

> But, I'll not be making any attempts, in the short-term, at a new record. :)


> Kevin.

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