[Retros] More than three, less than five

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Sat May 1 12:17:35 EDT 2010

Dear Nikolai,

> Whether the problem is cooked or your solutions are somehow erroneous, I do not know.

I thought that perhaps bPg4 should be on h5, but as given in your booklet, the followoing
proof game shows, that the problem is cooked:

1.c2-c4 Nb8-c6 2.Qd1-c2 h7-h5 3.Qc2-b3 Nc6-e5 4.Qb3-b6 a7xQb6 5.g2-g4 Ne5-g6
6.g4-g5 Ng8-f6 7.Ng1-f3 Rh8-g8 8.Nf3-e5 Nf6-d5 9.Ne5-g4 h5xNg4
10.Bf1-g2 Ng6-h8 11.b2-b3 Nd5-c3 12.Bc1-a3 Nc3-d1 13.Ba3-c5 b6xBc5
14.Bg2-e4 Ra8-b8 15.Be4-h7 g7-g6 16.Nb1-c3 Bf8-g7 17.Nc3-a4 Bg7-c3
18.Ra1-b1 Bc3-a5 19.Rb1-c1 Ba5-b6 20.Rc1-c3 Bb6-a7 21.Rc3-d3 Ke8-f8
22.Rd3-d6 Rg8-g7 23.Bh7-g8 Rg7-h7 24.Rd6-b6 Rh7-h3 25.Bg8-h7 Rh3-c3
26.Rb6-b4 Rc3-c1 27.Na4-b6 Rc1-a1 28.Nb6-a8 b7-b6 29.Rb4-a4 Bc8-b7
30.Ra4-b4 Bb7-e4 31.Rb4-a4 Rb8-c8 32.Ra4-b4 Ba7-b8 33.Rb4-a4 Be4-b1
34.Ra4-b4 Nd1-c3 35.Rb4-a4 Nc3-b5 36.h2-h4 Nb5-d4 37.h4-h5 Nd4-e6
38.h5-h6 Ne6-g7 39.h6xNg7 Kf8-e8 40.g7-g8=B Ke8-f8 41.Ra4-a3 Kf8-g7
42.Ra3-a7 Qd8-f8 43.Ra7-b7 Bb8-a7 44.Rb7-b8 Rc8-d8 45.Rb8-c8 Ba7-b8



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