[Retros] Four short articles

Николай Белухов nbeluhov at abv.bg
Sun Mar 7 03:58:16 EST 2010

Dear retro-friends,
Here is a compilation of four short articles published in the retroanalysis column of the Soviet chess magazine "64
- Chess Review" in the period 1985-1986. It is rather varied in terms
of content - there are articles on the history of retroanalysis, on the
theory of transformation phases, etc, aimed primarily at beginners. The afterword in the end of the file also contain some interesting information,
most notably extensive notes on the history of the famous Ceriani-Frolkin theme
(provided by Andrey Frolkin himself). Probably some of you will recognize several facts that I've been asking about on this mailing list in the last one month. I hope that this text will be an interesting reading not only for newcomers!
As always,
Again, if any problems with the ampersand character in the links, just remove the ";amp" in the end.
Best wishes,

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