[Retros] Ceriani Quartexes

Николай Белухов nbeluhov at abv.bg
Fri Mar 5 04:16:11 EST 2010

Dear retro-friends,
Here is one short file accumulating all the known problems demonstrating a fourfold implementation of the famous Ceriani-Frolkin theme. This being an extremely difficult task, there are only a few such problems, so I hope this collection would be of some value to retroanalysis fans.
The file also contains one brief introductory text (explaining the nature of the theme and a little of the history of the hunt for a Ceriani-Frolkin quartex) written by me and kindly supplied with additional notes by Andrey Frolkin himself.
As usual,
The chessproblems.net link is likely to come out broken again; if so, you could just remove the unnecessary "amp;" in the end or find the topic in the "Retroanalysis and Proof Games" section.
Best wishes,

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