[Retros] Exact chess? (Re: Variant PG wanted)

joose norri joose_norri at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 28 01:43:39 EST 2010

> > I played this quite a bit with Unto Heinonen a decade ago;

> > I think we agreed that checkmate and stalemate are draws.

> > Isn't that more logical?


> I don't think so: if one just declares that you win if your

> opponent has no legal move that retains uniqueness then

> checkmate and stalemate become wins automatically.

I suppose we thought that the purpose of the game is to force the opponent to play a move that leads to a dualistic proofgame. If the opponent is checkmated, he has no move at all, so is not forced to play a losing move (=is stalemated). So two different games in fact.


> Not sure why this is relevant; the notion of a "threat" doesn't seem

> all that useful in this game to begin with.

Yes, it's not.
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