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I'm sorry but I don't like those. Blame my ancient math background, but I think that in terminology an <adjective><noun> should always be an example of a <noun>. Here an anticipatory Phoenix is not a Phoenix. The phrase is suggests some primacy of Phoenix over the other kind which is not accurate. The word “anticipated” is already used in our little hobby. The phrase in English is also a bit clumsy.

Love from Andy
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Dear all,

"anticipatory Phoenix" (English) and "Vorausphoenix" (German) sound good to me.



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> Dear all,

> I recall using the term “anticipatory Phenix” once. How

> about that?

> As to the use of the CF theme outside of the retro realm there is a

> background to that issue.

> In mid-70s, Nikita Plaksin was dreaming of completing the set of

> triple capture of promotees; by that time, Arpad Molnar had done it

> with bishops and Plaksin himself with knights. I managed to do the &#

> 8220;hat trick” with queens and rooks in 1977; in 1979 I

> published an article in /Die Schwalbe/ presenting lots of different &

> #8220;triplets” (Plaksin referred to them as “triplexes,&#

> 8221; a term to which Günter Lauinger objected in view of the fact

> that “duplex” in composition means something entirely

> different). Later on, Die Schwalbe started referring to the concept

> of uncapture of NO LESS THAN THREE promoted pieces as “Frolkin

> theme”; although in chess composition themes are often named

> after their developers rather than the people who first presented

> them (e.g. Pronkin theme in retroanalysis, lots of themes in

> twomovers and so on), Plaksin started a campaign against that name,

> publishing numerous articles in which the term “Ceriani theme&#

> 8221; was used for ANY CASE of uncapture of a promotee (not

> necessarily three). He also conducted some in-USSR tourneys for the

> Ceriani theme not only in retros but in other genres as well. Then

> the FIDE Album started referring to the theme as “Ceriani-

> Frolkin.” In /Dictionary of Chess Composition Terms/ published

> in 2004 by Mark Basisty, I proposed the term “Plaksin-Ceriani-

> Frolkin theme.”

> Yours,

> Andrey

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