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Dear all,

"anticipatory Phoenix" (English) and "Vorausphoenix" (German) sound good to me.



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> Dear all,

> I recall using the term “anticipatory Phenix” once. How

> about that?

> As to the use of the CF theme outside of the retro realm there is a

> background to that issue.

> In mid-70s, Nikita Plaksin was dreaming of completing the set of

> triple capture of promotees; by that time, Arpad Molnar had done it

> with bishops and Plaksin himself with knights. I managed to do the &#

> 8220;hat trick” with queens and rooks in 1977; in 1979 I

> published an article in /Die Schwalbe/ presenting lots of different &

> #8220;triplets” (Plaksin referred to them as “triplexes,&#

> 8221; a term to which Günter Lauinger objected in view of the fact

> that “duplex” in composition means something entirely

> different). Later on, Die Schwalbe started referring to the concept

> of uncapture of NO LESS THAN THREE promoted pieces as “Frolkin

> theme”; although in chess composition themes are often named

> after their developers rather than the people who first presented

> them (e.g. Pronkin theme in retroanalysis, lots of themes in

> twomovers and so on), Plaksin started a campaign against that name,

> publishing numerous articles in which the term “Ceriani theme&#

> 8221; was used for ANY CASE of uncapture of a promotee (not

> necessarily three). He also conducted some in-USSR tourneys for the

> Ceriani theme not only in retros but in other genres as well. Then

> the FIDE Album started referring to the theme as “Ceriani-

> Frolkin.” In /Dictionary of Chess Composition Terms/ published

> in 2004 by Mark Basisty, I proposed the term “Plaksin-Ceriani-

> Frolkin theme.”

> Yours,

> Andrey

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