[Retros] The Case of the Mysterious Moves

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Dear Nikolai & ALL,

There is no need to host such papers on docs.google.com or some other document sharing site - simply send it to me and I will store it on the Retro Corner. You may announce it on the RLM then.

In principle, we have the Retro Wiki everyone can use to publish Retro related texts, but unforunately the Retro Wiki nover came into life.



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Dear retro-friends,

I would like to present to you a translation of one interesting short story found in one old issue of a Russian chess composition magazine (and the issue itself was found in the cabinet of my math teacher, but this is a completely different story, really). It deals with one quite bizarre and interesting chess puzzle - not exactly orthodox retroanalysis, but something along the lines of an unusual proof game. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Just in case there is some problem with the attached file, here are two backup files in different filehosting sites:


Please write to me at "nbeluhov(at)abv.bg" with any notes, corrections, similar puzzles, etc.
Best wishes,

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